We’re delicious – straight up!

Churro Fantastico is a one-stop-shop for excellent quality Churros of all shapes and sizes.

Churro Fantastico is a reliable, high volume supplier of Churros to food distributors, wholesalers, restaurants, caterers, crowd entertainment venues and quick service restaurants Australia wide.

The Churros from Churro Fantastico are consistent in outstanding quality and flavour, and eating establishments across the country have received brilliant reviews after adding us to their menus!

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Long Churros, Straight Churros, Bite-sized Churros, Hand Rolled Churros, Spanish Churros, South American Churros, Sweet Churros, Savoury Churros, even OREO™ Churros – at Churro Fantastico, the Churro possibilities are endless!

Our Churros are ready-made to perfection, just heat and serve for a delicious treat.

CLICK HERE to order Churros from Churro Fantastico’s distributors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

We can have our Churros on your doorstep in no time at all!

Join Australia’s fastest growing food craze with a Churro from Churro Fantastico today!